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    Nantong Metalforming Equipment Co.,LTD is a new high-tech enterprise which specializes in designing, producing and selling hydraulic press and provides individualized metalforming and systematic solutions. The company is granted “High-tech Enterprise”, “Innovative enterprise in Jiangsu”, “Private Science and Technology Enterprise” and “SME Science and Technology-oriented Enterprise”.

    The product range consists of hydraulic press, mechanical press and other hundred kinds of metalforming equipment. The products are widely used in the fields such as automobile, shipping, traffic, energy and so on. With business acumen and professional excellence, the products are exported to more than 30 provinces and cities and even to the US, Europe, Japan and other countries in south-eastern Asia. The brand “Qin Hua” is granted the famous brand in Jiangsu, the hydraulic press branded “Qin Hua” has been prized as Jiangsu Famous Product.

    In order to quicken the development steps and improve the innovation ability, the company had purchased some key equipment, such as NC floor Milling & Boring machine. Our manufacturing technology will reach the international level.

    The company will take the most advantage of current hydraulic press market to realize coordinated development between hydraulic press and mechanical press. It seeks to implement urgent needs for talent and increase investment in science and technology to build for national key metalforming equipment innovation and producing base. Precisely, Nantong Metalforming group vouches to meet the unique needs of its customers by benchmarking quality and customer services.

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